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Thomas Moll (Founder & Chief Operating Officer)

Thomas Moll, PhD, is an experienced biotech executive with 20 years of experience in both academic and industrial preclinical research and development and more than 10 years of experience in several German and US biotech R&D managerial and executive positions.

After serving as Assistant Professor at the University of Muenster, Germany, Dr. Moll joined Cardion AG, a German biotech company, where he held various managerial and executive positions, including the position as VP of Immunology. Subsequently, he served as VP of Research at Telos Pharmaceuticals LLC, a San Diego based biotech company developing biologics for immune disorders. Presently, Dr. Moll is VP of Research at Adamis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a San Diego based biotechnology and specialty pharmaceutical company. He also works as a Scientific Consultant, and counts European and US biotechnology companies, contract manufacturers and specialty pharmaceutical companies amongst his past and present clients.

Dr. Moll serves as Editor of the Journal of Immune Based Therapies and has been a member of various professional organizations. He has published close to 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles, including publications in journals such as Science, Nature, Cell and Journal of Experimental Medicine.