Advanced Statistical and IT Solutions

Statistical analyses to evaluate data generated by biological systems are inherently complex not only due to the elaborate nature of the systems analyzed (such as whole organisms), but often times also because of the experimental setups and the necessity to analyze as many variables with as few subjects as feasible.

While much progress has been made in the development of statistical solutions in particular in the areas of human clinical study design and study evaluation, as well as preclinical tolerability and safety pharmacology studies, the development of statistics that are tailored to specific animal disease models is a field that until recently has received comparatively little attention. The "translation" of the biological model into a mathematical-statistical model is critical to achieve solid and reliable interpretations of study results.

Through its founders and advisors PRESCOS has the ability to develop, and offer to clients, advanced statistical solutions that are unique and at the forefront of statistical method development in the biological and medical sciences. This includes statistical solutions tailored to specific animal disease models and that allow, for instance, for study power predictions and sample size calculations, analyses that allow for the estimation of variability within and between individual subjects, and quantitative estimates of efficacy with confidence intervals.

Study management, randomization, data acquisition, data and document management, statistical analysis, and graphical display of animal research studies are often based on and limited by the application of standard programs. DMARS, the PRESCOS Data Management, Analysis and Randomization System and a variety of statistical tools are available including software for the estimation of shelf life in drug stability studies.

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