PRESCOS LLC - Preclinical Research & Scientific Consulting Services

PRESCOS: Your Reliable Partner for Preclinical R&D

PRESCOS LLC is a San Diego, CA based preclinical CRO that provides high quality in vivo contract research services, as well as expert consulting services, supporting the preclinical drug development of emerging and established pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

PRESCOS‘ service portfolio is built around the needs of our clients and focuses on conducting the in life and ex vivo/in vitro portions of rodent (mouse and rat) animal studies.

Selected established services and animal disease models include:

For a more complete listing of our capabilities and additional details please visit our services page. Please also contact us at for more information or to arrange a visit to our facilities.

PRESCOS: Customized Planning, Execution and Analysis Solutions

We strive to continuously achieve scientific excellence and to translate proven methods and standards to preclinical R&D:

  • PRESCOS assists the healthcare industry by offering quality contract research and expert consultancy services to its clients
  • PRESCOS was founded out of the conviction that high quality preclinical pharmacology studies are essential for the efficient, economical, and successful development of new drugs and disease indications
  • PRESCOS firmly believes that state-of-the-art quality solutions need to be applied to all stages of R&D, including PK and pharmacological studies
  • PRESCOS enables these requirements by applying "lessons learnt" from clinical research trials worldwide to several aspects of preclinical research and development, including the planning and execution of experimental studies, data management, statistical analyses, and data reporting

  • PRESCOS: Quality Solutions Through Fully Integrated Processes

    PRESCOS' study design, execution and analysis are aimed at optimizing resource usage, generating reproducible results and meaningful data, and leading to early "go" or "no go" decisions:

  • Detailed planning meetings with clients to determine clients' needs and to develop optimized study protocols
  • Use of advanced statistical tools for study protocol generation and study initiation (e.g. cutting edge power analysis/sample size determination, state-of-the-art randomization precedures including stratification variables)
  • Continuous communication during ongoing studies
  • Established QC and QA procedures
  • Comprehensive and integrated data management and analysis solutions using DMARS, the PRESCOS propietary data management, analysis, and randomization system
  • On-time delivery of study reports

  • Situated near world-class research institutions, universities, medical centers, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, PRESCOS' testing facility is located on a secure campus minutes from major freeways and the San Diego International Airport.

    Please contact us today by phone at 858-909-5743 or by email at for more information or to arrange a visit to our facilities.